To achieve judicial independence and established democracy, to create a reliable system of human rights protection.
Independent judiciary is the most important precondition for a democratic society and democratic state. The court is often the last instance for the r…
The proper protection of human rights and freedoms is a prerequisite for a decent life. Throughout our work, we reveal various systemic problems that …
Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of a sovereign democratic state. It is a well-known fact that elections have been falsified for many years…
Assigning particular importance to the validity of our positions, we conduct comprehensive research and analysis, revealing issues pertaining to both legislative framework and practice. We study relevant international standards, best practices and develop recommendations taking into consideration the Armenian context.
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Through manuals we describe main legal regulations in the specific field and clearly state the steps which need to be undertaken.
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Policy papers
Through policy papers we address main issues of the particular field, analyze them and draw up recommendations, indicating the addressees of the problems.
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