Call for Urgent Action in Response to the Azerbaijani aggression against Armenia

On September 13, Azerbaijan launched a military offensive operation across the whole Eastern and South-Eastern border with Armenia, striking military targets and civilian infrastructure alike, in gross violation of Geneva Conventions. As of 12:00 pm, Armenia has reported of 49 casualties; this number will continue to grow. Azerbaijan unleashed this new attack on Armenia’s sovereign territory less than two weeks after the meeting between Pashinyan and Aliyev in Brussels brokered by the European Commission.

Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial Acts in the light of the right to a fair trial

The purpose of this study was to identify the main issues of the compulsory enforcement of judicial acts, to analyze the root causes of the problems and make recommendations. The respective legislation and practice have been studied in the framework of the research based on the analysis of judicial practice, as well as the data provided by the Compulsory Enforcement Service and other state bodies. International practice and

Statement on 2022-2026 Strategy of the RA Judicial and Legal Reforms and its Action Plan

During the Government’s session of 21․07․2022, 2022-2026 Strategy of the RA Judicial and Legal Reforms and its Action Plan were adopted. The aforementioned Strategy and its Action Plan do not reflect the position and recommendations of civil society.

The RA Draft Law on State Secret

The opinion is published on the RA Draft Law on State Secret.