Monitoring the Implementation of the CEPA Agreement


The Foundation has developed targeted recommendations in all of the above areas, the adoption of which should lead to the establishment of practical guarantees of freedom of information, reform of the criminal and criminal procedure codes, and improvement of electoral administration.

The implementation of the CEPA Agreement was monitored through following the implementation of pre-defined measures in specific areas, particularly assessing the implementation of the measures outlined in the Roadmap for the implementation of the Agreement in terms of meeting the implementation deadlines. In addition, the recommendations set out in the roadmap for joint monitoring of the civil society in certain areas were presented to the competent authorities and further promoted.

The project is implemented with the support of “Open Society Foundations-Armenia”.

The fact-finding mission on Human Rights Violations during the 44-day war in Artsakh

The purpose of the project was to conduct a fact-finding mission in order to reveal, analyze the violations pertaining to the targeted attacks on civilian settlements and civilians in Artsakh.

Promoting Freedom of Information in the Republic of Armenia

The project aimed at the promotion of Freedom of Information in the Republic of Armenia was implemented by the LDPF in 2020. The main objective of the project was to study and reveal the legislative and practical issues concerning the situation with the freedom of information and recommend comprehensive solutions.

The Promotion of Labor Rights in the Republic of Armenia

The project “The Promotion of Labor Rights in the Republic of Armenia” was implemented by the Law Development and Protection Foundation in 2021.

Enhancing institutional capacity of the Law Development and Protection Foundation

The overall objective of the Project is the institutional capacity building of the Foundation aimed at enhancing its efficiency and sustainability in the long-term perspective with possible growth into legal think-tank. The project started in June of 2021 with the support of European Endowment for Democracy.