Special Report on the Damages and Threats to the Armenian Cultural Heritage as a Result of Armenphobic Policies of Azerbaijan


On April 18, 2023, the International Day for Monuments and Sites a group of civil society organizations in Armenia published a special report on the Damages and Threats to the Armenian Cultural Heritage as a Result of Armenphobic Policies of Azerbaijan.

Authors of the report are: Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Democracy Development Foundation, Protection of Rights Without Borders, Helsinki Citizens Assembly Vanadzor, and Law Development and Protection Foundation.



Human Rights Violations during the 44-day War in Artsakh

We present to your attention "Human Rights Violations During the 44-day War in Artsakh" fact-finding report prepared by Open Society Foundations-Armenia, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor, Law Development and Protection Foundation and Protection of Rights without borders NGO.

Human Rights Violation during the 44 day-war in Artsakh

This fact-finding report documents the war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law and human rights norms that occurred during the 44-day war waged by Azerbaijan, principally against the population of Artsakh in 2020.

Labor relations and legislation: problems and solutions

A number of issues of the labor legislation have been studied, respectively the problems have been identified and recommendations have been made. A particular importance has been assigned to the problems related to the exercise of labor rights, as well as judicial practice.

Fundamental Issues Pertaing to Freedom of Information in Armenia

This Summary has been developed within the framework of a project aimed at promoting freedom of information in the Republic of Armenia.

The Issues pertaining to Freedom of Information in the RA

The report identifies main issues revealed by the study, international standards and best practices in the respective fields. Based on this analysis the report proposes solutions and recommendations.