Through policy papers we address main issues of the particular field, analyze them and draw up recommendations, indicating the addressees of the problems.

Right to a Fair Trial: Issues pertaining to Violation of Reasonable Time

The purpose of this research is to reveal the international standards and best practices in order to identify applicable procedures and tools used by courts in the process of recognizing the violation of the given right and compensating for non-pecuniary damage as a consequence of its violation. The relevant legislation of five member states of the Council of Europe was studied.

The policy paper is available in Armenian

Enhansing Transparency of Disciplinary Proceedings against Judges

The over-all objective of the research is to enhance transparency and accountability of the Disciplinary Commission thus contributing to the reduction of corruption risks at the initial stage of the disciplinary procedure against judges and strengthening independence of the Judiciary.

The guarantees of the Right to Fair Trial in the circumstances of COVID-19/under COVID-19

Under COVID-19 not so urgent court hearings began to be postponed, in some cases video communication was used. Probably, it is the best solution for not violating the right to a fair trial. However, in order not to violate rights in course of applying this measure, the circumstances of the particular case must be taken into account. This paper examines the international practice of remote court sessions, the regulations of the Armenian legislation, legal practice and problems highlighting the pros and cons, pointing out the best practices and solutions deriving from them.

The policy paper is available in Armenian.

The right to dispute election results in Armenia

The recommendations of OSCE/ODIHR on broadening the list of the persons having the right to appeal actions and decisions of the electoral commissions have not been implemented so far. The document addresses issues of legal standing of voters, observers and election monitoring organisations, including the need to provide for the  right to dispute election results.

The policy paper is available in Armenian.