The Law Development and Protection Foundation was established in the beginning of June 2018. This was a result of long standing and fruitful cooperation of a group of specialists (mostly lawyers and advocates) who, working together for several years on various projects aimed at protection of human rights and establishment of rule of law, made   a decision to join efforts and create an organization, which would adopt an institutional approach to their activities directed to the establishment of democratization and rule of law in Armenia. Thus, the LDPF strives for human rights, democratization and establishment of the rule of law in Armenia, as well as the drastic reform of the judiciary.

Main directions of the Foundation include: Judiciary, Human Rights and Elections. We focus our activities on the development of models for reforming the judicial system of the Republic of Armenia, identification of systemic issues both in the legislation and practice. Moreover, we pay a special attention to the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework in compliance with the international commitments of Armenia. Irrespective of the direction and the field in we conduct our activities, we assign importance to the research-based approach, comparative analysis of the facts, international standards and the Armenian context. The above-mentioned analysis forms basis for our observations and recommendations. 

The Foundation has actively participated in the process of electoral reforms which materialized in the  recent amendments to the Electoral code. It is involved in the “Eyewitness” Initiative which conducts observation mission during all the national and municipal elections. Particularly, the team of the Foundation provides for the legal component of the mission, represent the NGOs and observers in their complaints to electoral commissions, law enforcement bodies and courts.

The organisation was a part of the Civil Society’s Collective Monitoring Group of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

It has been a year since the LDPF has been participating in the expert discussions organized by Council of Europe in the framework of CoE project “Support for the Execution by Armenia of Judgements in respect of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights”.